Lathem Time Systems

Lathem 1500E

Lathem 1500E Brochure (PDF)
Using the same technology NASA employs to tell time, the Model 1500E wirelessly synchronizes with the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to confirming the time daily, the 1500E automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. No wires, no worries, and no more excuses for being late.

Lathem 2000 & 4000

Need a steel tough time clock without a tough price? Lathem's mechanical time recorders can't be beat. Ideal for payroll time or job costing, these heavy duty time clocks can withstand high volume use and harsh environments. Whether you choose automatic (4000 Series) or manual (2000 Series) activation, the indestructible coined steel type wheels offer smooth reliable operation and a crisp clear registration every time. Mounted securely to a wall or on a tabletop, the steel case and key lock provide a durable and tamper-poof installation. The two-color ribbon self-reverses at the end of the spool for longer life, and can easily be changed. Works with almost any standard time card.
Lathem 2000 & 4000 Brochure (PDF)

Lathem 5000EP

Lathem 5000EP Brochure (PDF)
The 5000E Plus is a multi-function electronic time recorder that can operate as a time clock, time stamp or numbering machine. The unit can be easily programmed to print in any one of 29 preset print formats, or configured for custom printing on up to three separate lines. The built-in lithium battery keeps the time and settings during power interruptions for up to five years and the optional rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack will allow the unit to remain fully operational for up to 72 hours or 200 prints without AC power. All of these advanced time recording features are housed in a compact and attractive case that allows for simple tabletop or secure wall installation.